Cool Art Websites to Check Out!

You can use the following Links for Art Research, Project Ideas, Games, Buying Art Supplies and for learning some great things about art:
***Kids: Always make sure you have your parent's permission before visiting any of these web sites.

Art Fun for All Ages
For great art games, scavenger hunts, things to make and do, and many more adventures in art try clicking on these sites -

Optical Illusions

Enjoy a great number of Optical Illusions - designed to "fool your eye"!


Create one-of-a-kind snowflakes designs. Fun for all ages!

Rube Goldberg Machine

Complete a simple task with a complicated series of gadgets. Are you up to the task?

Design Mantic

This site has links to lots of art projects and ideas that you can make at home. Find one that sounds

interesting and click on the link! All ages.

Drawing Tips and Sites
This site has many links to help you practice your drawing skills and become a better artist. Check it out!
Gary Harbo - How to draw Cartoons
Learn how to draw cartoons! Very good step by step directions.  For kids 8-18.

Kaleidoscope Painter

Create amazing designs with radial symmetry. For all ages.

The Incredible Art Department
Art Jobs, descriptions for students including: Advertising Art, Animation/Cartooning, Desktop Publishing, Illustration, Special Effects, Web Design. It has links to other sites with specific information about each job. For kids 10 and up.
Chunky Monkey - Cartoons
Fun hints about drawing cartoon animals.  Some coloring and a chance to draw your own scenes.  For kids 8-12.
Inside Art - Get "sucked in" to a story about a Famous Artist
This is an online game which explores a painting from the inside out. On a museum tour the viewer is sucked into a vortex and can only escape by answering the questions  "Who?/What?/Where?/How?"  The focus is on Van Gogh.  For 10 – 18 year olds.

Mr. Picasso Head

Create your on face in the style of Pablo Picasso! Fun for all ages!

Art Detective
An online game about art history and art composition played with a 1940's detective who has a degree in art history.  A fun way to look at Raphael, Titian, Millet, Van Gogh, Gaugin and Picasso.  For 9-18 year olds.

Test Your Color Wheel Trivia

Do you think you know everything there is to know about color? Test your color I.Q. to find out!

Art for Kids

A site with many activities and games related to art - explore and create and see what you learn!

Science and Art of Visual Illusions
Some really cool visual illusions that will play tricks with your eyes!

Stationary Art Projects for Kids

A collection of art sites including art games and puzzles and "how to" instructions for some cool projects and techniques!

A fun site to see artwork and get new creative ideas for making art!
Artists Helping Children
An Arts and Crafts idea directory - Many ideas to explore!

Art Education
For many art terms, definitions, project ideas, artist information, and other educational art ideas try clicking on these sites-
Search Engines for student research:
Fact Monster:
Kids Click:
Kid's Tools For Searching the Internet:

Art Glossary for Elementary Students

Art Lex - Art Terms
This is a dictionary/glossary of over 1600 art terms

All About Color Theory

A page with great links to learning about primary, secondary, monochromatic, analogous, and many more types of mixing colors and color theory!

An art education page for K-8 with weekly lessons, an art glossary, and other great projects and information.

Kid's Guide to Art

A resource of  useful information and research about all things art - from creating art to learning more

about art history to understanding more about how color works, and even tips to improve your art!

Crayola Web Site - Projects and Products
A site full of project ideas, products, children's art galleries, techniques and ideas.
Colormatters - Psychology and Effects of Color
An interesting site dealing with color theory and how colors affect us in our daily lives.
The Incredible Art Department
Everything you are looking for about art!

Art Teacher Sites and Blogs etc.

Resources for art teachers of other great art teacher sites and blogs. Full of Information and ideas!

Art with Ms. Gram

Mrs. Picasso's Art Room

Art at Becker Middle School

Art with Mr. E

The Art of Ed

Web Exhibits
Great Information about art, color and other interesting things.
Art Cyclopedia
The guide to great art on the internet.

Visit an Art Museum
Take a tour of these art museums online and discover many great works of art without even leaving home!
The Louvre - Paris, France
A virtual online tour of one of the world's most famous museums.  There are countless examples of many styles of art house here.  Don't forget to check out the most famous resident - the Mona Lisa.
Mark Harden's Artchive - Artist and their Work
A great site for research on a particular artist, examples and information about their work and you can take a museum tour.  This site also links you to several famous artist's web sites to learn more about their life and work, including Picasso, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Dali, Rodin, and more.
Smithsonian American Art Museum
A comprehensive and educational site featuring American artists, kept very up-to-date with current art happenings all over the country.
Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco
Search several thousand images from the fine arts dating back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans and as current as the modern European and American artist of the twentieth century.

Buying Art Supplies
Some good sites for buying great art supplies and art related books!
Lots of great art supplies and books about art.  Other great resources as well.
Cheap Joe's
Great quality art supplies at good prices.
Michael's Arts and Crafts Store
National art and craft supply store.
A large variety of art, craft, decorating, fabric, scrap booking and hobby supplies.
Dick Blick Art Supplies
A top quality art supplier - student grade and artist grade supplies.
The Art Store
A large supply of all things art.
Art Supply Guide and Recommendation
Guide for the how to of buying art supplies online

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