Gonna Catch that Santa


Shh!    Quiet!

Santa Claus is comin’, comin’ Christmas Eve.

Gonna catch a glimpse of him, prove he’s not just make believe.

Lure him down the chimney with the smell of food.

Cookies and a glass of milk, gonna catch that Santa dude.


Lookin’ for Santa Claus high and low.

Listen for Santa Claus’ “Ho ho ho.”

Searchin’ for Santa Claus left and right.

Where could he be tonight?


Here’s our secret mission, here’s our clever plan:

Meet me by the Christmas tree, gonna catch that Santa man.


Shh!  Quiet.

Waiting by the window, watching in the sky,

Trying not to fall asleep, gonna catch that Santa guy.

Listen for the sleigh-bells, hear them jingle-ing.

Santa Claus is almost hear, gonna do his Santa thing.


When you hear the reindeer and their reindeer paws,

Then you know the time has come, gonna catch that Santa,

Catch that Santa, catch that Santa Claus.  That’s him!